50+ Birthday Wishes For Big / Elder Sister


Birthday wishes elder sister is one of the greatest celebrations in my life. To remember in an innocent mind arrange the birthday bringing blessing in the world.

My friends said to me, “ The birthday held very fine and the wish writing is nice. However, it is a discussion in a friendly environment. That time I was emotional.

One day my big sister said to me, “How do I want to celebrate the birthday?” I said to you that I want to celebrate an amazing birthday with a lot of wishes to you.

Exceptional birthday celebration my dear sister who is an inspiration and the pioneer of my life. I follow her in every staple of my life. To think I try to put all my best wishes on my happy birthday.

Our relatives said to me, “We should celebrate the birthday in the evening.” Because they live abroad countries there has timing variation. During a short reprieve, the evening feels heavenly.

In a fanciful environment, we gather our house hall room to extol the day perfectly. 

Some neighbors said to my elder sister, “ you should celebrate big Happy Birthday in the community center.”

But my parents say to me, “ arrange in house.” In our house hall room with the yard to take for the program. The little children do not go too far at all. 

We know that a large group of people come to celebrate the day. And there present some cameraman social media operators and live projectors because our more relatives are waiting out of our country.

They attach it to us at the same time. For this reason, we are such away. Getting enough preparation we target started the program for a happy birthday elder sister who is older than me for about 3 years. 

The Elder sisters  said, “You should bring some flowers.” At the midnight the wishes from different relatives send wish to massage, quote and card. And it has a message for younger I like this very much. 

A birthday wish is the time demand. Today I send her about 20 wishing massage for her birthday. She is my idol and most of the time he teaches me a difficult topic which I need in the way of my life.

She said to me, “ You give me some uncommon massage”. I write to her and she pleases to write to them.  

Beginning the day a lot of birthday wishes come to fill in the inbox. Those are really uncommon I am astonished to read them. Most of the quotes are funny which makes the pleasure all. 

I think uncommon Wish and card are the main part of the celebration happy birthday, big sister. So, we should import the matter without the arrangement is turned to the pail. 

50+ Birth Wish Elder Sister:

  1. Opportunity to get off my mother shape in elder sister feeling happiness in the mind. Happy birthday to you.
  2. This day turns to every year but each time feels a new one. Happy birthday to you. 
  3. Birthday wishes elder sister are bright some to make rapport with blood. I feel in the way of my life. Happy birthday to you. 
  4. I know you will be happy to get a birthday wish message because these are the modern harvest of technology. Happy birthday to you. 
  5. Wish massage introduces you to adorn knowledge that you think. I write the live massage on your birthday. happy birthday to your elder sister. 
  6. Massage makes three, makes high ambition, makes aristocracy mentality. To wish you to send the message “Happy birthday to you.”
  7. How funny when you think amazing 
  8. Your personality gave me teaching which is not academic learning. Happy birthday to you dear elder sister. 
  9. What is aristocracy which anyone can find to see your face? Sister happy birthday to you. 
  10. Man’s life is a struggling platform where survival is difficult to turn easy by your work latency. Happy birthday big sister.  
  11. The greatest culture in the world birthday which makes rapport to the soul. So, this fine day makes you great. 
  12. All name is indicating something but birthday celebrating explains more than. Happy birthday to you. 
  13. You are my white flag of life. I get everywhere a peaceful environment to follow you. Happy birthday, sister. 
  14. Dream maker someone, established dream fewer but you have the quality maker and builder. Happy birthday to you.
  15. The greatest birthday to you dear sister. A poetic verse to you at the celebration of the day. 
  16. The harmony of the poem arranges for you which I collect from the riverside. Today your special day I wish you. 
  17. Where the sky sleep with the gloomy color of pink. I collect it for you on the sweet birthday. 
  18. This world is not enough for me, I want to stay with you in the next world. Happy birthday to you my elder sister. 
  19. My gorgeous elder sister happy birthday to you. Your face speech tells me to say about you. 
  20. Happy birthday my elder sister. You are my best friend and I respect you a greet admire. 
  21. I shall not complete my work without your help. You give me the trick to the work. My sweet elder sister “happy birthday to you”. 
  22. My all wish writing for you, my all birthday divine for you. Happy day to you. 
  23. Your live footprint gives me awaken what to do today. Happy birthday to your sister. 
  24. You are my career builder. You are my life. You make me more active to do all the creative work lovely introduction. Happy birthday to you.
  25. Our life is not stopped, it moves every moment but needs direction the right way which gives as a rudder. Happy birthday to you. 
  26. Your poetry harmony footsteps make me a broad mind and make me more positive. Today your nice birthday day I wish you, my dear sister. 
  27. The thousand years I celebrate your birthday my elder sister. Not be stopped anymore.
  28. We plating with tools at childhood, making friendship with innocence but blood relation is the same today. Happy birthday dear big sister.
  29. How to give you a wish to massage, how to present my mind speech, how to explain my dream on the day. Happy birthday to your big sister. 
  30. I know you A-Z but not your knowledge. you have outstanding sagacity which I respect all the time. Happy birthday to your big sister. 
  31. You are the north star of our family. Your talent follows all and tries to move advice your way. Happy birthday to you. 
  32. you can make seed which put in 
  33. You are a hard laboratory to remember in the time. Happy birthday to your sister. We are proud to take you. 
  34. To have a religious mentality in your lifestyle, it makes attractive to others as like me. Happy birthday to you sis.
  35. The wisest sister gives me direction on how to do my work correctly in my education life. Happy birthday to you. 
  36. Happy birthday big sister. You’re full of working will bright and stay moving the whole year-round. 
  37. I could not find brighter than you dear elder sister. Happy birthday to you dear sister. 
  38. We are proud, we are in happiness, around the year. Happy birthday to you. 
  39. All wish for you. All decorations and arrangements for you. Happy birthday to you. 
  40. I have got a meaningful life in education and outside to direction of you. first, wishing you a happy birthday to you. 
  41. Hard labor is not a reputation less  I know from your activities. To wish you on your birthday, big sister. 
  42. A lot of wishes to you sis. Those massage mass your lifestyle. Happy birthday to you. 
  43. A good massage can change a lifestyle which has to live. Happy birthday to your elder sister. 
  44. Rare wishing message for you on the day. I wrote to you. Those are not funded everywhere in the world. Happy birthday to you. 
  45. I know what is best and what you make pleasure. Wishing massage in hart revive lovely speech. Happy birthday to you sis. 
  46. All are clear to touch you. All are doing better to tough you. So, related your touch all over. Happy birthday to you. 
  47. All harmony is around you, all beauty is around you. You are the making of beauty. Happy birthday to you. 
  48. Wishing massage is the best gift for this time because knowledge is the power. In massage come face of creation. Happy birthday to you. 
  49. Wish on massage happy birthday to your elder sister. This lovely massage you like the best and those are exceptional for you. 
  50. Wish exceptional birthday massage make you pleasure. Because there has a rear who writes a lovely message on a birthday. happy birthday to you dear sister. 
  51. You have made your life meaningful to put hard labor grown dreams all the time. Wishing happy birthday sister. 
  52. Discovering imaginary things by making hard work. Giving smooth shape in the worldly life. My sweet sister happy birthday to you. 
  53. Deftness makes a man perfect I know from you. You are variant from other “happy birthday to you.”
  54. Life moves like a river but not meaningless which is full of events of the family in which a centered person is the elder sister. Happy birthday to you. 
  55. We stand a platform and walk all the life to understand each other like your big sister. In silence, you know everything. Happy birthday to you.

The similar mentality to attend the party:

I take care all the time. I think she is a duplicate of my mother. Respectfulness is the main achievement in my chosen who conveys this mentality to come to the party. 

At the beginning of the day wishes full fill the massage option those are maximum pure. Although my elder sister shows me more and writing massage of them I am the champion.

Most of my friends said to me, “They want to attend the birthday program”. 

My elder sister like to get wishes: 

My elder sister holds an aristocracy mentality and she chose gentle in nature who comprehend respectfulness to get an invitation on the occasion.

Now the time is full of technology, so it is full of information. And this information is writing something. All through it is a birthday so, birthday wishes are the main part of the field. 

And my dear sister like those very much, I follow her and talk with her about the matter about choice.  

To get invited to the program: 

Getting more and more massage here inbox my elder sister. Also, we invite all our relatives, friends, cousin, and neighbors. 

Our well-wishers who get an invite on a celebrated day. I said to my mother, “I want to invite my favorite teacher to the elder sister’s birthday.” 

My parents are very friendly and approved my request. Also, I try to make good management for the program. 

Arranging elder sister birthday room: 

The best wish uplift is printed banner hanged on the wall. Also, there have many flowers, balloons festoons in the visionary environment. 

There have colorful flowers vases on the table that wish big sister happy birthday which makes a good friend forever.

All arrangements indicate a nice rapport with the family ties. All the best who observe in the way of the lifestyle.   


The great wish for you 
Lovely environment for you
All are a happy environment 
Mad me wish writing
Offer romance –
But like you the best
All wish writing thrill your mentality
Carry out my ability
All are better 
Oh! Dear my elder sister.

Thousands wishes 

Birthday wishes to elder sister are very important for the family. A family is part and parcel of the county and international. 

Now this time we live a global world. So a person’s work is necessary for the platform. So quality is the main and necessary for any section.

 Here a girl can perform well in a particular subject. Our Wishstar.com  gives them mind recreation activities for the reason we made birthday wishes. 

Here you get the most unique wishes massage for your sisters. So, not for so lest it is your main site to meet here thousand of massage share with you. 

Do you feel better? We are sure that we know you’re necessary. So, share with us and build up your work what you like.


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