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Happy Birthday or birthday is a very special day for everyone as the day reminds us that we were born on that particular day that comes once a year. This special day acknowledges the anniversary of our birth, and it should be celebrated for several reasons.

Birthday is a sign to have another chance to accomplish our unique mission. This special day is also a chance to think about what we have achieved and what we have to do for our family as well as for the society, nation, and the world.

A birthday is an indication that we have another chance to fulfill our unique mission. To celebrate someone’s happy birthday, birthday wishes play a very significant part to reflect how important s/he is for you.

While you are planning to wish a happy birthday for your beloved person or someone special but still you are looking for the best birthday wishes or don’t know how to wish, no worries, plenty of unique happy birthday wishes are here for your consideration.

Sometime you may bea bit confused while thinking of your beloved person’s age, but you’ll be assured that all kinds of birthday wishes by considering age, sex, culture, religion, position, and relation are available for you.

People around the world want to celebrate a special birthday because it comes only once a year. Every well-wisher also wants to take participate to make a memorable birthday just because s/he likes him/her very much.

Check some samples of birthday wishes as below and find the most suitable birthday message to wish birthday for the special person who is going to celebrate a birthday.

Happy Birthday Facts

  • About 15% of people from all over the world celebrate their birthdays in August that is the highest rate comparing to other months. July (approx. 12%) and September (approx. 11%) are ranked second and third.
  • Every year almost 2 billion happy birthday cards are sent to each other in the United States which is about 58 percent of the world total. 
  • In 1989, the largest birthday cake was created for the 100th birthday of the city of Fort Payne, Alabama. It had been weighed about 128,238 pounds.
  • On 19 May 1962 at Madison Square Garden, the most famous birthday song rendition “Happy Birthday, Mr. President” sang by Marilyn Monroe to President John F. Kennedy.
  • In the U.S., October 5th is the day of the highest people born than any other day and May 22nd is the day of lowest born rate.
  • Paul McCartney’s birth certificate is the world’s most expensive birth certificate ever, which was auctioned in March 1997 for USD 84,146!
  • The highest number of most famous sportsmen were born in March.
  • The highest number of most famous writers was born in May.
  • The highest number of most famous Artists was born in April.
  • The highest number of most famous Scientists and Engineers were born in March.
  • Sir Isaac Newton born in January, Albert Einstein born in March, Christopher Columbus born in October and William Shakespeare born in April.

Happy Birthday Rules

Now a day, it’s very easy to know someone’s birthday because of social media reminds your friends and family member’s birthday. Sometimes you can see how they have celebrated previous birthdays as well.

A birthday celebration will be easier while you know some tips and happy birthday rules.

Here are the general guidelines while you want to wish birthday for someone special:

  • Midnight, in person: You can follow this guideline for your spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend. Get ready to wish your special someone a big kiss and a hug at midnight (after 12:00 am). Give him/her the happy birthday present after the kiss. You can maintain the same things differently every year. 
  • Midnight, via call or text: If you are unable to meet with your special person at midnight, you can use this guideline. Just make a call if you are very close to him/her and wish him/her by the appropriate birthday wish. If you think that midnight call is not appropriate for him/her, send a happy birthday via text message, but follow up with a call on the next day.
  • Post on social media: When you are unable to meet with your beloved person and you are interested to wish him/her on the birthday, you can send birthday wishes on social media. You can follow this guideline for your friends, office colleagues, or your family relative. If you have any memory with him/her, you may post some snaps with a happy birthday wish on your social media (e.g. timeline post on Facebook, tweet on twitter). If you have strong communication with that person, you can also come with that person on social media live events.

Greetings for Happy Birthday

Birthdays are a magical time of celebration and enjoyment. You can find many different birthday traditions but one thing is common, it’s a get together with your special person and appreciate each. These moments are very special that matter most.

One of the most important and common things that happen on birthdays is birthday greetings.

Sending birthday greetings has become themost necessary tradition these days. Sometimes it can be difficult to find the perfect birthday wish for someone special.

But we assured you that the upcoming birthday of your special person will be more excited as you’ll get the most appropriate happy birthday wish on this site. A genuine birthday wish will surely make loved one’s day that no one will forget.

Happy Birthday Cards

Celebrating someone special’s birthday without a birthday card remains in complete. While you are going to celebrate someone’s birthday, send him/her the perfect birthday card.

Now a day, there are so many options that allow you to create customized birthday cards online or offline. A perfect birthday card means a lot to your beloved person to whom you are going to wish on the upcoming birthday.

So, don’t forget to choose the best one for him/her and celebrate this birthday special.

In the era of this modern technology, life has become easier than previously. You don’t need to buy cards from the gift shop as you have plenty of options to customize a perfect birthday card for your special person.

Please keep in mind that, if you love someone but you didn’t tell him/her till now, a birthday card can easily solve the matter.

Before that, you have to think about him/her and make the best birthday card ever by expressing your thoughts.

Birthday card for your family members is also important as you love them very much. Your parents will be happier to see the card as you are caring of them, your brother and sister will be glad to see that s/he has the best sibling.

So, don’t think so much to waste your valuable time and just go for the best birthday card of your family members.

Happy Birthday Gifts

Everyone loves to get gifts on any occasion. If it is a birthday, the expectation is much higher to get the best gift ever. A birthday special gift expresses how much you are loving him/her. It is the most iconic symbol to express love for each other.

People are very much habituated to send or receive birthday gifts. A birthday wish will not be fulfilled until you send him/her a birthday gift. Birthday gifts mean that you not to be send something expensive, it means that you are very familiar with your beloved person’s happiness.

A simple flower bucket is enough to express your love for the birthday of your beloved person. Please keep in mind that, before the selection of a birthday gift, you just need to remind of the choices of the receiver.

A birthday gift is the most valuable thing that s/he will not forget. A movie ticket to an outdoor trip can be on the list of your special one’s birthday.

While you are thinking to send a birthday gift for your family members, you can ask them about what s/he is expecting from you on this birthday. But please don’t forget that you don’t buy any gift which is not suited to the receiver.

Happy Birthday Cake

A birthday cake is a must while you are going to celebrate your or someone’s else birthday. Without being a cake a birthday will remain incomplete. So, the importance of a birthday cake is very high.

You can easily find the best birthday cake using online or offline shops. As there is a plenty of verities available, you have to select the right one for the celebration. The size of the birthday cake will depend on the number of the invited person on this occasion.

So, before buying the cake, you need to estimate the number of the guest plus all the well-wishers who can join this party.

There are different types of birthday cakes available like vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, etc. You can write name on this birthday cakes images, customized birthday cake with names to send as the happy birthday wishes for your friends, family members & loved ones.

You can also download too many birthday cakes sample with a name from this site before the selection. You just need to choose the birthday cake that you like and then add text on the selected birthday cakes.

Happy Birthday Food

A birthday party will remain unsuccessful without being the best birthday party meals you can serve for your guests. Here are 7 tasty and best birthday party food ideas for you:

  1. Supper Nachos: It’s a very popular party meal items for kids as well as for adults. You may treat your guests to these loaded nachos as one of the best items at any birthday party.
  2. Pizza: Now a day, everyone likes pizza as the party meal. You can either order pizza from a pizza shop or you can make this in your home.
  3. Chicken Fries: This item is very much kid-friendly and quick. You can easily make these crunchy oven-baked chicken fries in your home. It will be yummier while chicken fries are coated with a combination of crushed potato chips, panko bread morsels, and Parmesan cheese. Don’t forget to serve with different types of sauces.
  4. Tropical Fruit Salad: While there are several vegans invited to your birthday party, don’t forget to prepare some items for them specially. Tropical fruit salad items might be a perfect dish for them. This is also a great way to encourage healthy eating.
  5. Biriyani: Most of the non-vegan south Asian people might love this item for sure. It is a very popular dish in any kind of party for them. There are several kinds of biriyani, but you may select the right one like chicken biriyani, mutton biriyani, etc.
  6. BBQ: Non-vegan people from all over the world are liked this BBQ food very much. You can prepare several types of BBQ foods including, fish, meat, or chicken.
  7. Drinks: Without being drinks a birthday party will remain incomplete. You may keep different kinds of drinks at your birthday party.

Happy Birthday Home Decoration

Do you feel stress when it comes to the decorations for a birthday celebration? If yes, we assure you that the upcoming birthday decoration will be stress-free while you will follow some guidelines.

You are thinking that how the birthday decoration will be stress-free, right?Though birthday parties are tough enough, we’re making your lives easier with some popular birthday decoration ideas.

Whether you’re taking preparation on throwing the event of the year and you just want to impress your friends and family, we’ve got you covered. Our following ideas run the range from colorful and unique to delicate and sophisticated.

Many of our birthday decoration ideas would be impeccable for kids, they’d also look charming at an adults-only party.

Every kid wants pom-poms at his or her birthday party, after all—then what’s better than confetti-filled balloons? Also, stay inspired with our best birthday decoration ideas—including home decor for 10-year-old girls, for teenage boys, for moms, for the spouse, and more.

Here are 5 best birthday party decoration ideas for you:

  1. Balloon Backdrop: This DIY is easier and amazing for everyone. Grab some balloons and ribbons and then get to work! While you want the perfect way to enhance festivity and color without too much worry, this is the best idea.
  2. Glitter Balloons: All you want to make this dazzling DIY come full circle is balloons, lumpy glitter, and a bit of mod podge. You need to just cover some colorful balloons with glitter, inflate balloons and hang on the roof. During the party, participants might be charming while someone burst the balloons. It will give a shiny and amazing feeling to most of the guests.
  3. Ribbon Chandelier: You may decorate your birthday party with nooks and crannies filled with whimsy and wonder. It can be a stunning and memorable addition to your birthday party like an adventure. It’s very simple to do it yourself and very enjoyable as well.
  4. Embellished Party Hats: Jazz up every single hat at the birthday party with fun accompaniments and creative spirits. Every single guest should have one and enhance the eclectic mix. It will add another dimension to the birthday celebration.
  5. Paper Pinwheels: To make some paper pinwheels, you just need to choose some scrap paper that works for your theme and make these easy pinwheels. You can also dress up the tables including the gift area and the cake’s spot in the corner with these fanciful accents.

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